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‘Something smells here’: The peculiar case of the missing MFB chief

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Neil Mitchell says “something smells” as deafening silence resonates around the sudden departure of yet another firefighting honcho.

MFB chief Dan Stephens has taken “indefinite” leave, reportedly angry the state government did not back him to lead Victoria’s new combined force, Fire Services Victoria.

Neil Mitchell suspects Mr Stephens, who moved to Australia from the UK for a five-year contract only last year, has fallen victim to the power of firebrand union boss, Peter Marshall.

“The Andrews Government is at it again, feeding us nonsense and expecting us to believe the unbelievable,” he said.

“Does anyone believe (Mr Stephens) came halfway around the world and signed a five-year deal without being promised this job (as FSV chief)?

“I suspect he has been snookered because Peter Marshall and United Firefighters Union didn’t like him.

“It just doesn’t make sense, and it will probably cost $1.2 million at least to pay out his contract.”

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