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Songs that need updating

What if you could update the tittle or lyrics of a song so it was more relevant in today’s day and age? Just like Bob Dylan sung ‘For the times they are a-changing…’

Ross and John opened up the lines to 3AW listeners on ‘songs that need updating’.  Here are some of the suggestions: 

Simon & Garfunkel – Montague Street Bridge Over Troubled Water (Bridge Over Troubled Water)

Bob Marley – I Allegedly Shot The Sherrif (I Shot the Sheriff)

Bobby Fuller Four – I Fought the Law and I Won (I Fought the Law)

Joni Mitchell – Big Yellow Uber (Big Yellow Taxi)

AC/DC – Tollway to Hell (Highway to Hell)

The Dixie Cups – Going To The Winery of Love (Going To The Chapel Of Love)

Elvis Presley – Heartbreak Air BnB (Heartbreak Hotel)

The Box Tops – My Baby Sent Me an e-mail (The Letter)

Percy Sledge – When a Person loves a Person (When a Man Loves A Woman)

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