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Southern Cross escalator saga: Commuters given new timeline

Commuters have been told to expect congested platforms at Southern Cross station for another fortnight as the escalator saga drags on.

Over a month has passed since three escalators on platforms nine and 10 of Southern Cross station broke down.

Located on the Collins Street side, the malfunction has caused significant delays and clogged platforms in peak travel periods.

On Ross and John’s Rumour File this morning it was reported the problem could be with a computer chip in the system.

In response, Public Transport Victoria chief Jeroen Weimar told 3AW Breakfast it was in fact a “complex drive train chain” that is causing them the headache.

“The part is being manufactured in Europe, as it is a specialised piece of kit,” he said.

“It should be here within the next week or two and we’ll look to have the escalator back up and running in the next month.”

Ross questioned why the station doesn’t hold these spare parts on hand.

“It was built 13 years ago, at a time when far less people were using it,” Mr Weimar said.

“We’re as frustrated as everyone else at the length of time it’s taken to get that made and back into service.”

Delays may be linked to the fact Southern Cross station is the only Melbourne station that is is privately owned.

Owners, Civic Nexus, have been “working very close with them and are also keen to get it back up and running as soon as possible,” Mr Weimar said.

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