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Space Cadet: Interview with Osiris Child director Shane Abbess

Jim Schembri

SPACE CADET: Australian director Shane Abbess steps into  bigger world with The Osiris Child

In 2007 Shane Abbess burst onto the film scene with his low-budget fantasy film Gabriel. Designed to look like a much bigger film than it cost, Abbess would often work during the day to make sure he could complete it.

The film drew plenty of favourable festival attention, with Shane’s strong visual style making a strong impression.

He then went to Hollywood where he worked on the films Source Code and Dark Crystal 2, a time he says was extremely valuable.

In 2015 he released the locally made science-fiction film Infini, which drew on the influence the sci-fi films of the late 1970s and early 1980s had on him.

His new film, The Osiris Child, is the most ambitious film he has made thus far. Intended as the first in a series and made on a sizeable budget – though he is loathe to reveal just how big – the film involves a renegade pilot who escapes from a space station to find his daughter on a planet that is about to be destroyed.

Shane Abbess is one of the new breed of filmmakers who are as focused on digital release platforms as they are on traditional theatrical exhibition. He is also a great gesticulator.

A fanboy favourite in America, Shane here discusses his experiences in the US, the making of the film and the need for Australia to embrace the test screening process.

Please enjoy.

The Osiris Child is available on pre-order through JB HiFi and will be streamed soon.

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Jim Schembri