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Spencer Tunick coming to Melbourne for mass nude photo in new location

The world’s most famous nude photographer is returning to Melbourne, and wants to filling one of the city’s most famous streets with a mass of naked Melburnians.

Spencer Tunick says Melbourne “blew my mind” last time he was here in 2001 when 4500 people lay on the Princes Bridge.

17 years later he wants that to happen again, this time at a Chapel Street shoot between July 7-10.

“I need 1000 people over a two-day period and we’re doing it in the Chapel St precinct,” Tunick told Ross and John on 3AW Breakfast.

“Every height, every age above 18 — hopefully we’ll get some people in their early 80s.”

Brave souls only need to commit to one of the two days.

“I don’t think people would want to do it two days in a row, honestly,” he said.

“It’s not a lot of work, but to be naked for an artwork is such a commitment and such a mind-warping experience that I don’t think I can warp people’s minds two days in a row.”

Tunick is in hot demand around the world, but didn’t hesitate when commissioned to create the latest Chapel St work.

I accepted based on the fact I enjoyed myself so much last time around,” he said.

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Photo: Sydneysiders pose for Spencer Tunick at the Sydney Opera House in 2010