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St Kilda seeking legal advice over Jake Carlisle’s contract, says Caroline Wilson

St Kilda is seeking legal advice over Jake Carlisle’s contract, says 3AW Football’s Caroline Wilson.

Caro said the Saints were ‘rightly’ reviewing the promotional aspect of the deal their star recruit signed before being embroiled in controversy on Wednesday.

She also revealed Carlisle would receive a ‘strike’ under the AFL’s outgoing illicit drugs policy.

‘I couldn’t tell you whether it’s his first or second strike, but it’s definitely not his third,’ Wilson said on Sports Today.

‘It will be counted as a detection. 

‘It’s complicated by the fact he was on holidays, but I think the fact there is video evidence of it will mean it will be counted as a detection and he’ll certainly be target-tested.

‘But the greatest penalty he will suffer, and should suffer, will be financial.

‘Because I am certain St Kilda is seeking legal advice about the marketing component of his new contract – the additional services allowance.

‘I think St Kilda will rightly argue that how can they achieve this player’s promotional value now, when he has done this.

‘This is something they didn’t know about when they signed that deal.’

She also revealed club great Danny Frawley was all but certain to take on a mentoring role with the defender.

‘I think that can only be positive,’ Wilson explained.

‘This is one of the greatest leaders St Kilda has ever had, in terms of on-field.

‘I think Danny is the perfect person to take this on.’

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