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‘Staggering’: Sly says barristers showed lack of insight regarding Lawyer X

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With two major inquiries in the next 12 months, 2019 is set to be “a difficult year” for Victoria Police, according to Sly of The Underworld.

“The first, IBAC is having some public hearings in February which pertains to the 1998 investigation into the murders of police officers Gary Silk and Rod Miller,” Sly said.

“We also have lawyer 3838 and the Royal Commission.

“Both inquires are totally separate but have the same role, to see whether there’s been a miscarriage of justice.

“What is staggering is the lack of insight by many of Victoria’s barristers.

“Many of them have said they thought she was running too close to the crooks.

“What did they do about it? Did they go to the Bar council? Did they talk to her? They are officers of the court. Did they do anything?

“The answer is no.

“Imagine two Assistant Commissioners saying, oh we thought the other Assistant Commissioner was working for Tony Mokbel and was wearing a wire but we didn’t do anything about it, they’d be sacked.”

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