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Stars of gripping drama ‘The Children’ join Denis Walter

The stars of a new play by acclaimed British playwright Lucy Kirkwood say it’s a story about life after disaster, a tense and disturbing drama playing at the Melbourne Theatre Company.

The Children stars actress Sarah Peirse, known for her character Hilda in the Hobbit trilogy and William Zappa.

It’s set after a devastating Fukushima like event, and explores the complex reality of a futuristic world.

The stars joined Denis Walter to discuss more about the play.

“Two retired nuclear physicists have moved out of their home area which is near to the reactor and they are hovering on the edge of the exclusion zone trying to make sense of the reality of their lives,” she said.

“A third physicist they worked with years ago reappears and poses some challenging questions.”

But despite the dark undertones, Zappa says the play is threaded with humour.

“It’s actually very, very funny.”

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Photo: Jeff Busby, Fairfax