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State government launches ads to promote public education system

The state government has launched an advertising campaign promoting state schools in Victoria and urging parents to enrol their children in their local school.

The idea is to boost enrolments and pride in local schools, but Tom Elliott says it’s a waste of money.

Cate Hall, president of Our Children Our Schools, has been calling on the government to fund a campaign to promote public education system.

“Private schools spend an enormous amount of money with marketing professionals promoting those sectors,” she said.

“Conversely, you’ll hear a community leader saying they were lucky their parents sacrificed so much to send them to a school that gave them a quality education.

“There’s a negative message in there. We feel the government almost has a role to champion its own system.”

She said there were enormous benefits for children attending the local school.

But Tom said it was unlikely parents would be swayed by an ad campaign.

“It’s one of the biggest waste of government expenditures I’ve ever encountered,” he said.

“What it aims to do is tell you state school education is great, and you should send your child to the local state school.

“I just don’t know why we need to advertise this.”

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