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State of drought and rain: Victoria’s ‘different’ winter

Victoria is in the midst of an unusual dry spell in which much of the state is enjoying above-average rain.

Melbourne (51 millimetres for August, compared to the average of 50mm), south-western Victoria and West Gippsland are looking green after a winter of healthy rainfall.

But much of northern Victoria, East Gippsland and the Mallee are enduring tough times.

“This (drought) does seem a little different,” Michael Efron, senior forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology, told Ross and John.

“It’s a really significant contrast across the state.

“It has been very lush down through south-western Victoria.

“But some parts of the Mallee haven’t even recorded 50mm for the year.”

Melbourne’s wet winter (140mm) was a welcome result after a below-average start to the year.

And it looks set to continue for the short-term, with up to 18mm forecast to fall in Melbourne this week, despite a dose of warmth and sun predicted for Tuesday.

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