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State Transport Minister blames former government for over-crowded trains

The Andrews Government has dodged addressing concerns about over-crowding on Melbourne’s train network, blaming the former government for packed trains.

Neil Mitchell spoke with State Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan about reports of packed trains carrying 400 passengers over the allowed capacity.

In one report, 1200  people packed onto a train built for 800.

Minister Allan blamed the former Liberal Government for not implementing more trains on Melbourne’s rail network.

‘It’s part of that legacy set of issues that we’ve got after seeing former government, the Liberal government, just not having invested in the trains and the rail lines that we need,’ Minister Allan told Neil Mitchell.

‘The Andrews’ Labor government hasn’t wasted a moment, we’ve put in an order for new trains.

‘We have put on some additional services.’

Neil Mitchell didn’t hide his frustration, repeatedly asking Ms Allan to clarify safety standards on Melbourne’s train network and to address the reports of over-crowding.

‘800 is the seating capacity and then of course you have the standing capacity added to that as well.’ Ms Allan responded.

‘I’m not going to deny that 1200 on a train is not both a crowded one and an uncomfortable one, but it is still formed within the safety of the system.’

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