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Stella’s miraculous escape after deadly snake gets stuck in dog collar

Stella the dog has had a miraculous escape after a deadly snake got stuck in her collar.

Markus Gaebele and his wife were looking after her parents Jack Russell-cross at their Chirnside Park home at the weekend when they looked outside.

They spotted Stella hopping around on three legs with a snake hanging from her neck.

The snake got caught in Stella

Markus quickly rushed outside and grabbed a shovel.

After a brief struggle, he eventually managed to remove her collar and the snake.

They rushed her to the vet.

She spent the night in emergency but managed to pull through after being bitten on the leg.

Markus said he was still getting his head around what had happened.

‘How on earth the snake got in there – I have no idea,’ he told 3AW Mornings.

‘She’s only about two years old, so she’s still very inquisitive and likes playing with things.

‘I couldn’t believe it.

‘This thing was stuck, it would not budge.’

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