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STEP BY STEP: Interview with Dance Academy director Jeffrey Walker


STEP BY STEP: Director Jeffrey Walker explains how his film version of the hit TV series Dance Academy isn’t a case of just going through the motions.

 – By Jim Schembri


At 35, Jeffrey Walker has had a remarkable career thus far.

Starting out as a child actor in shows such as Flying Doctors, Round the Twist, Half Way Across the Galaxy, Mirror Mirror, Ocean Girl, The Wayne Manifesto he promptly went on to direct episodes of high-rating local shows such as Neighbours; Blue Heelers; Home & Away; All Saints; City Homicide; H2O, Just Add Water; Angry Boys; Wild Boys and Rake.

He has also made his mark in the United States directing episodes of The B**** in Apartment 23, Raising Hope, Bones, Banished, Difficult People and the mega-hit Modern Family.   

Though Walker directed eight episodes of Dance Academy, he insists in this interview that making the film wasn’t a case of following a formula or going through the motions – the film had to stand on its own. Even co-creators Joanna Werner and screenwriter Samantha Strauss gave him room to put his own stamp on the film.

The interview offers some illuminating insights into the art of translating a TV show to the big screen.


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