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Steven Avery’s criminal defense lawyer, Jerry Buting is coming to Australia

‘Making A Murderer’ has been on Ross and Johns mind for months.

They finally sat down for a chat with Steven Avery’s lawyer, Jerry Buting.

Ross is a big fan of the show and asked Jerry – ‘Someone killed Teresa Halbach, but I don’t recall any of the other suspects mentioned in the documentary’

Jerry says –  ‘It didn’t make the final cut of the trial, the judge precluded us from pointing or mentioning any other suspects during the trial.’

– ‘The state didn’t have to prove Steven Avery had a motive’

Ross asked Jerry about another incident focussed on in the documentary – ‘The nagging thing in the back of my mind is the cruelty to the cat’. –

Jerry says – ‘Nobody is happy about that particular incident, but the prosecutor only describes one version of the incident’

Do you think Steven Avery is guilty or not guilty?

Jerry Buting is coming to Australia in November for a Q&A, you can read more details here.

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