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Stoccos seen at Bairnsdale, police hunt continues at Yea

LATEST: Police have released CCTV images of two men they believe to be two of Australia’s most wanted criminals.

Pictures have surfaced of two men, believed to be Mark and Gino Stocco, leaving a supermarket carpark at Bairnsdale on Wednesday.

But police believe the men remain somewhere in north-east Victoria.

It follows a community meeting at Yea on Friday.


?The father-son pair are armed and have been on the run across three states for eight years.

It’s been revealed they are in possession of three sets of number plates

  • ZUE632 ? Victorian plates (blue and white) 
  • YHS085 ? Victorian plates (blue and white) 
  • S415AZL ? South Australian plates (black and white). 

It was yesterday confirmed the Stoccos drove past police in the Castella area early Thursday morning.

Police began to pursue the pair, but aborted the chase when the Stoccos accelerated to 140km/h.

Detective Inspector Ian Campbell told Neil Mitchell the decision not to chase the fugitives was about police safety.

‘The instructions were quite clearly to not engage in a pursuit with these people,’ Insp. Campbell said.

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