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Stop trashing our planet! Emerald students’ plan to reduce plastic waste 

Across the world, young people are becoming more vocal about environmental issues.

Sixteen-year-old Swedish activist, Greta Thunberg, has spurred on child-led global environmental protests.

In March, thousands of Victorian kids protested outside Parliament, demanding emergency action on climate change.

Today, a group of students from Emerald Secondary College joined Denis Walter and Sally Williams to share what they’re doing to reduce waste and help the planet.

Five students in year seven and year eight have formed an environmental group, Stop Trashing Our Planet (STOP), and designed a reverse vending machine.

“Instead of putting in money and getting bottles and cans out, you put in bottles and cans and get a reward out,” student Jaicob Barrot said.

“We have found, in our school, that Mentos is one of the most viable options.”

Once collected, the bottles will be saved from landfill and recycled responsibly.

The students hope to raise enough funds to put reverse vending machines in other Victorian schools.

Help fund the reverse vending machine in Emerald here.

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