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Streaming with Scott Ellis: A much anticipated docuseries and top world TV picks

Dee Dee Dunleavy
Article image for Streaming with Scott Ellis: A much anticipated docuseries and top world TV picks

We’ve been waiting months for this and next week The Beatles: Get Back finally arrives on Disney+. From legendary director Peter Jackson this 3-part docu-series will screen over three nights from next Thursday (Nov 25) looking at how the album Let It Be came to life. It follows the 21 days in the studio rehearsing and recording, then the famous rooftop gig – in full! Don’t miss it!

Also big this week is that the series hailed as the new Game Of Thrones has landed, The Wheel Of Time on Amazon Prime. Based on a best-selling series of fantasy books (more than 90 million sold!), this is medieval/fantasy swords and sorcery stuff that’s been hugely anticipated. Basic story, the world is facing a crisis, one of fine people will be The Dragon Reborn to either save or destroy everything, but who is it? Cue quest journey and magical battles. Based on the first ep should actually live up to the hype so if that’s your cup of tea, get on board!

Massively controversial is Nitram, landing on Stan from next Wednesday. This is the story of Martin Bryant, the Port Arthur massacre gunman, looking at who he was before that day and what made him. Part of me wants to deny this exists because it was the notoriety that Martin craved in the first place, but part of me also acknowledges that the film works well in showing how someone so clearly in need of help and supervision managed to slip through the cracks.

Generating a lot of buzz right now is Mayor of Kingstown (not to be confused with Mare of East Town) on Paramount+ about a family that runs a small US town where pretty much every industry is based around the local privatised jail. Be warned this is dark and gloomy to start with, but persist and you get a great story of how systemic racism and incarceration has made some people very wealthy and the struggles they have between doing what’s right and what’s profitable, it’sĀ great. Raises a LOT of interesting questions, especially as Australia goes further down the private jail route.

Now that Squid Game has opened the doors to world TV for many it’s time to look around a bit:

First up, check out Kamikaze on FoxtelGo. It’s a Danish series about a young girl whose parents and brother die in a plane crash, leaving her very, very wealthy, but alone. She’s got the mansion, the cars, the bank balance, but no meaning, so she heads out into the world to find what’s important. It’s great stuff and so good to see TV that asks bigger questions than “will Alf sell the caravan park?”

Then head over to Beamafilm (it’s free) and check out the awesome NZ reality series “Aunty Moves In”, where two “aunties” (not actual relations, but women with life experience who know what they’re talking about) arrive at a home each week and give the kind of practical advice people need. Like fairy godmothers who take no crap. If there’s a genuine problem they’ll try to find a solution, but if it’s a kick up the butt they need, they’re happy to tell people to get moving.

And finally, head to Japan for Midnight Diner, which looks at the various people who wander into a tiny Shinjuku restaurant between midnight and 7am. The place only seats 12, but every patron seems to have a story and it;’s great hearing them all. You’ll never look at the customers in a cafe the same way again.

And guess what’s on Britbox? All 76 episodes of The Goodies! Absolutely great time to jump back into this comedy – and to realise it wasn’t just for kids despite the fact it aired as a kids show in Australia. Apparently there were a few episodes we didn’t get because they were a bit naughty, such as the sex education one that featured a fake public service film called “How To Make Babies By Doing Dirty Things”.

Dee Dee Dunleavy