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‘Struggling to breathe’: Mum speaks out after five-month-old baby contracts COVID-19

A mother whose daughter became the first baby known to have contracted coronavirus in Victoria has spoken out about the terrifying ordeal.

Five-month-old Stevie contracted coronavirus last month from her father, who was asymptomatic.

Nikki Boyle, Stevie’s mother, told Neil Mitchell about the heartbreaking experience of watching her daughter struggle with the virus.

“She was struggling to breathe, she had a nasty cough and she just wasn’t herself,” she said.

Stevie spent a night at Casey Hospital on a drip.

She is now recovering but still showing symptoms.

Shockingly, a mistake almost saw Ms Boyle’s asymptomatic partner return to work while he still had coronavirus.

Two weeks after he received his positive test, he contacted DHHS and was told he did not need to be retested and was cleared to return to work.

His employer required him to get another test before he could return.

It came back positive.

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