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Study find Australia’s GPs have no intention of retiring early

A new study has found more than a third of the nation’s GPs over the age of 55 are unsure about retirement, or have no intention of slowing down.

With only half the income of a doctor working in a hospital, The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners says GP’s are working longer to close the income gap.

GP Mary-Anne Lancaster says mental stimulation, a sense of purpose and overall good health are also behind it.

‘The longer you can work, it doesn’t have to be in paid work, it can be voluntary?The better off you are with the heart disease point of view, a mental point of view,’ she told 3AW Breakfast.

 says none of her older colleagues are even thinking about retirement.

‘I don’t know anyone who would be thinking about retiring at that age.’

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During the interview Ross noticed an odd noise I the background of the interview.

He asked her if she was using a rowing machine by chance? Was she? Well, take a listen:

‘If I’m going to work past 55 Ross, I’m going to keep on rowing,’ Mary-Anne told 3AW Breakfast.