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Study finds some yoghurts contain more sugar than icecream

Yoghurt lovers are set to be disappointed with revelations flavoured yoghurts are not as healthy as may think.

Some brands are loaded with sugar – a review of some of the most popular brands found more than half had more than three teaspoons of sugar per hundred grams – which is worse than vanilla ice cream.

Alison McAleese, LiveLighter Campaign Manager at Cancer Council Victoria told 3AW breakfast they wanted to work out a list of the best and worst.

They analysed almost 200 brands of flavoured yoghurts and the results were startling. 

‘There is always going to be some sugar in yoghurt, thats perfectly healthy,’ Ms McAleese said.

But in the study more than half of the yoghurts examined were deemed unhealthy.

‘You could look for something that is up to 12 grams per 100 grams of sugar, if it has more than that its likely to be full of sugar.’

Non-fat greek yoghurt was one of the best when put to the test.

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