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STUNG! 154 drivers nabbed illegally using Ring Road emergency lane

More than 150 drivers were busted illegally using the emergency lane on the Western Ring Road at St Albans on Wednesday.

It’s been revealed 154 motorists were caught using the lane to dodge traffic congestion.

They’ve all been fined $311 and lost three demerit points.

The short sting netted almost $48,000.

Senior Constable Jayden Gebbie told Ross and John it had become a growing issue on the road.

‘A lot them couldn’t be bothered with the traffic, basically,’ he said on 3AW Breakfast.

‘There’s plenty of excuses – there always is.’

Senior Constable Gebbie also confirmed rumours the sting proved very popular with law-obiding motorists.

‘You get a lot of thumbs up and toots of the horn,’ he said with a laugh.

‘The truckies love it, as well.’

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