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Sunbury school considering permanent remote learning after ‘overwhelmingly positive’ response

A Sunbury school received such good feedback about remote learning that they’re trialling home-based learning for all year levels, and considering incorporating it into schooling permanently.

Salesian College Sunbury Principal Mark Brockhus said the feedback from parents and students after the first lockdown was “overwhelmingly positive”.

“Kids were talking about a level of engagement they had in remote learning that they didn’t have beforehand,” he told Tom Elliott.

“I expected, like you, to get a lot of negative feedback.

“But it was the total opposite.”

Under state government guidelines, students in Year 11 and 12, and Year 10 students studying VCE subjects, are attending face-to-face learning, while other year levels in the lockdown zone have returned to remote learning.

But at Salesian College Sunbury, everyone now does school from home on Wednesdays.

“This increase in numbers has given us the opportunity to say ‘You know what, let’s have a mid-week break from being together, let’s go back into remote learning one day a week’,” Mr Brockhus said.

“If this COVID round two hadn’t happened we were going to try it anyway, because the kids were asking ‘can we have a mixture of both remote learning and face to face?’

“Today is our first trial of it, we’re going to keep going until this lockdown period finishes.”

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