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Suns Chairman says he wouldn’t have spent 25 cents on Karmichael Hunt

Gold Coast’s Chairman says he wouldn’t have spent a dollar on rugby league convert Karmichael Hunt.

Hunt was brought to the Suns from the NRL on a million-dollar contract, only to leave the code after four years and 44 games.

It is usually argued that Hunt’s contribution was more about off-field exposure in a rugby league heartland than on-field success, but Suns Chairman Tony Cochrane said it was a mistake.

‘I wasn’t a director in those days, so this is just a personal opinion, but I wouldn’t have spent 25 cents on Karmichael Hunt,’ he said.

Cochrane said growing AFL in Queensland is a slow but worthwhile process.

‘We have to grow talent from the grassroots level. You won’t achieve that overnight.’

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