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Sunshine residents plan to ‘disrupt filming’ of SBS series Struggle Street

A group of Sunshine residents have vowed to fight back and disrupt filming of controversial SBS docu-series Struggle Street.

The show has begun filming in Sunshine but local resident Nicola McKay said residents were ‘frustrated’ but not powerless to make their opposition known.

She said the show was exploitative and preyed on vulnerable individuals for entertainment.

‘The objection to some SBS producer choosing Sunshine to film their second series is that for the community it’s not good, it’s not good for us,’ she said.

‘I think there are lots of ways to make it unappealing for SBS to come and film.’

But Neil Mitchell said she was guilty of ‘pre-judging’ the show before it went to air and possibly suppressing the reality of life for some in Sunshine.

He pressed Ms McKay on what they were planning to do to ‘disrupt’ the show.

‘Before you can do something about it (the disadvantage) you have to be aware of it,’ he said.

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