Super cheap: 89-cent petrol at Supagas petrol station, Sunshine

You can probably blame Neil Mitchell for the slow traffic on Fairbairn Drive in Sunshine today.

Thanks to a talkback caller, he let motorists across Melbourne know about 89-cent unleaded petrol at the local Supagas station.

The result? Long queues of drivers eager to cash in.

There was three pumps of the cheap fuel, which needed to sell quickly before renovations.

They started the day with 7000 litres of unleaded and in the first two hours they churned through 1500 litres.

The sale lasted until early afternoon.

Unleaded petrol was going for $1.20-$1.25 at most petrol stations on Monday.

  • 50L at 89c = $44.50

  • 50L at $1.25 = $62.50