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Supermarket staff in tears as toilet paper hysteria gets absolutely ridiculous

Supermarket staff are being abused and ending up in tears amid the hysteria over toilet paper.

Panicked shoppers have been stocking up and even fighting each other for the increasingly scarce rolls, leaving supermarket shelves stripped bare.

The secretary of the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association, Gerard Dwyer, told Neil Mitchell shoppers are also taking their frustrations out on supermarket staff.

“Our branches right across the country yesterday reported significant increases in calls in relation to customer abuse,” he said.

“We understand the community is feeling anxious at present, but the retail industry in this country is highly sophisticated, highly developed, with strong supply chains

“The country is not going to run out of goods.”

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“This is like a breakdown in order you see in science-fiction films.
“It’s not necessary, it’s wrong, and it’s particularly wrong to be treating staff like this.”
– Neil Mitchell