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‘Sure way to fail’: Leading principal casts doubt over Matthew Guy’s radical sport plan

A leading Melbourne principal has voiced concerns over Matthew Guy’s radical new plan to force children into competitive sport.

The Coalition has told the Herald Sun mandatory inter-school sports competitions will be rolled out if they take power in November.

Intended to “make children more active and resilient”, the program would be piloted among year 7 students in 2020.

But the plan has already been met with skepticism from within the industry.

McKinnon Secondary College principal Pitsa Binnion told Ross and John that forcing teenagers to play competitive sport would prove counter-productive.

“Making it a compulsory is sure way to make it fail,” she said.

She said sport and physical education were compulsory at her school but “our theme is more about participation and building a sense of pride within a child”.

Ross Stevenson: We all agree it’s a good thing, just whether it’s possible.
Ms Binnion: It’s logistically a bit of a nightmare … Who’s going to pay for it?

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