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Survey finds just 10 per cent of workers want full-time office return once pandemic ends

A fresh survey has found just 10 per cent of Australians want to return to working in the office full-time once the coronavirus pandemic ends.

It surprised Tom Elliott and led him to question whether the traditional office workplace was doomed.

But Professor Ruth McPhail, Head of Department of Employment Relations & Human Resources at Griffith University, cast doubt over the figure.

“I would be very suspicious about it being actually representative of the whole population sample,” she said.

Professor McPhail said it was, however, a “golden opportunity” to re-think and re-invent the workplace.

“But my theory is we won’t,” she said.

“We’ll go back to probably about 80 per cent of where we were, which would be a real shame and lost opportunity but that’s my initial suspicion.”

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