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Survey reveals top three reasons women seek divorce

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An international survey of more than 43,000 divorced and single parent females has determined the top three reasons women seek divorce.

Australian Institute of Family Studies director Anne Holland told 3AW Breakfast it’s been proven that women initiate divorce in larger numbers than men.

“Especially when there’s children, it’s true, they’re doing a lot of work at home, that double shift,” she said.

“And if there isn’t that sense of partnership, teamwork, you have to watch for that.”

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As reported in the Herald Sun, the top ten reasons women file for divorce are:

      1. Differing life goals
      2. Infidelity
      3. Constant arguing
      4. Lack of intimacy
      5. Mental illness
      6. Misconduct
      7. Boredom
      8. Physical abuse
      9. Household problems
      10. Money problems
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