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Sustainable Australia calls for cap on migrants as survey reveals Australians are concerned about rapid population growth

New research suggests more than half of Australian voters are concerned about rapid population growth.

An Australian Population Research Institute survey found 74 per cent of Australians think the country does not need more people, and 54 per cent want a cut to migration.

Political party Sustainable Australia is calling for a cap on immigration that pre-dates the John Howard prime ministership.

Party president William Bourke said it was impractical to pause or stop immigration, but a new policy including a cap on immigration would address some of the concerns.

“It shot up to around 200,000 people per year that became the real problem,” he said.

“Roads, hospitals, schools became overwhelmed, the infrastructure wasn’t built that’s where we have seen a decline in our quality of life.”

William Bourke: “It’s really about numbers, it’s got nothing to do with races or religion.”

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