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Sustainable seafood: What is it and how do we know if we’re buying it?

Only one in ten Australian shoppers are buying sustainable seafood products, new research has found.

As reported in today’s Herald Sun, most Australians buy seafood from the supermarket but the majority don’t know how to buy sustainable products, or what “sustainable seafood” really means.

Ross told Anne Gabriel, from the Marine Stewardship Council in Oceania, he’s ashamed to say he doesn’t really think of sustainability when buying seafood either.

“Well don’t be so hard on yourself!” She replied.

“The upside about the research we did showed Australians are extremely keen to play a part in protecting our oceans and buy the right kind of certified sustainable seafood but they are not aware of what to do or where to buy it.

“If you go to the supermarket, look for the ‘blue fish tick’ it means that product has gone through a third party audit process to ensure that its traceable all the way back to a sustainable source.”

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Image: Marine Stewardship Council in Oceania