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Talkback caller Francesca angry at ‘racist’ tag for ‘black Jesus’ complaint

Click play to hear MP Lizzie Blandthorn explain why she used a black Jesus

A Pascoe Vale resident says she was accused of being racist when she complained about her local MP using a dark-skinned doll in a Christmas nativity scene.

The ‘black Jesus’ is featured in the office window of Labor MP Lizzie Blandthorn.

Francesca told Tony Jones on 3AW Mornings the doll was ‘silly’ and ‘offensive’.

‘All my neighbours are just so alarmed,’ she said.

‘Many people, especially people of her own faith, with find it very offensive.

‘I know me, my family and my acquaintances will make sure we never vote for this woman again.

‘At the end of the day, this is mocking the birth of Christ.’

Click play to hear Francesca’s fired up call

Francesca wasn’t the only complainant, and she was supported by several other callers.

But there was just as many who say it doesn’t matter.

Caller Geoff said the use of a black Jesus made him ‘proud to be Christian’, and Michael said he was pleased to see a similar scene in Dandenong.

‘Shock, horror – they’ve got a black baby,’ he said.

Tony Jones doesn’t understand the fuss.

‘I don’t care what colour or sex that baby is; the fact there’s a Christmas nativity scene is a good thing, as far as I’m concerned,’ he said.

‘I’ll concede this: It was probably provocative. But I don’t have a problem with it.’