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Tap and Go technology has the tip jar disappearing

The disappearance of ATMs and the introduction of tap and go technology could see the end to the humble tip jar.

Peter Strong, CEO of the Small Business Council, told Tom Elliott the Restaurant and Catering Association have released a report which showed there has been a 71 per cent drop in tipping in recent years.

“That’s a huge change to the industry,” Mr Strong said.

“A lot of your best staff would pick up tips during the night.

“Some staff are asking for cash payments to make up for the loss of tips.”

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Tom said his credit card statement is twice the size that it used to be, so he doesn’t check what he’s spending any more.

“One of the things that does my head in is when you use your card and the name of the business and the name that appears on your statement is entirely different,” he said.

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