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Tax Justice Network welcomes release of private tax details

The Pratt Family’s total taxable income was $88 million, but their tax paid was zero.

The Fox Family paid $33.5 million on its taxable income of $116 million. 

New disclosure laws mean the tax details of private companies with revenue of $200 million or more have been released by the Tax Office for the first time.

Dr Mark Zirnsak of Tax Justice Network Australia told Neil Mitchell people are concerned that the top tier aren’t paying their share.

‘There is certainly concern that there are people at the top end of town that are getting away with breaking the law,’ Dr Zirnsak said.

‘There hasn’t been the pressure to have the system fixed.

‘This is helping increase the pressure for government to actually fix the loopholes.’

But Neil doesn’t think it’s fair to publish anyone’s private tax details.

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