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Taxi and transport problems at Station Pier an ’embarrassment’ for Melbourne

Melbourne’s transport woes at Station Pier have been described by cruise ship organisers as an ’embarrassment’ for Melbourne.

And the Lord Mayor agrees.

Five people collapsed in the near 40 degree heat after getting off a ship while waiting for taxis.

Hundreds of people were stranded as they waited to get into the city.

David Jones, from Carnival Australia, hit out on 3AW Mornings and said it was a shocking look for a place that claimed to be a leading city.

‘What happened yesterday was totally unsatisfactory,’ he told Neil Mitchell.

‘Inconvenience is one thing, but when you get to the stage of having to call ambulances to a taxi line, that’s a serious problem.’

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Lord Mayor Robert Doyle agreed it wasn’t good enough, but said taxis weren’t the answer.

He said public transport needed to be improved.

‘Let’s be honest, at the end of the day, taxis aren’t going to go there for an $8 fare,’ he said.

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