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Taxi driver, who’s already battling, has licence suspended in Fines Victoria mix-up

A taxi driver says he’s been forced to hire a lawyer and will be unable to work after Fines Victoria incorrectly suspended his licence.

John told Neil Mitchell he’d been informed he’d lost 12 demerit points, despite another cab driver being nominated, with the appropriate signature and details, for two of the speeding fines.

The first offence was 18 months ago, the second five months ago.

He never heard anything back once submitting the required nomination forms, so assumed the process had worked.

So he was quite shocked when the letter arrived telling him he’d lost his licence.

It’s the last thing he needed, given the COVID-19 impact on his wage.

“It’s really tough at the moment,” he said.

“Work has really dried up these past two months.”

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