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Tea could hold the secret to reducing your risk of Alzheimers disease

Drinking three cups of tea everyday could dramatically cut your risk of developing Alzheimers, according to an American study.

Dr Tom Holland, from the Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago, says the flavanol antioxidants found in black tea are key to decreasing your risk.

“Our study found that as you increase your intake of food and beverages that contains flavanols – that is dark leafy greens, apples, pears and tea – you could cut your risk of developing Alzheimers by  48 per cent,” said Dr Holland told 3AW Breakfast.

“Green tea and white tea also have great nutrients and benefits similar black tea.”

Olive oil, tomatoes and even grapes were among those foods containing the anti-Alzheimers antioxidants.

Much to Burnso’s delight, wine too holds these powerful flavanols!

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Image: Kira Auf Der Heide / EyeEm / Getty