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Teacher calls from schoolroom to lambast Tony Jones for ‘sneering’ at teachers

An angry teacher has called Tony Jones from her school to launch a heated defence of teachers’ work ethic.

TJ mentioned, with a level of cyncism, that student-free curriculum days often fell conveniently around long weekends, such as the coming Monday before Anzac Day.

Joy, a teacher, was not impressed.

‘It is really disappointing to hear you sneering at teachers for their curriculum days,’ she said.

‘This bullying of teachers, and it is bullying, this is what gives a parent a license to call me on a Monday and say ‘Are you the ‘C’ who teaches my kid?’.’

TJ: Where are you at the moment, are you at school?

Joy: Yep, I’m teaching. Yep.

TJ: You’re teaching? And it’s 9.40am and you’re phoning me up?

Joy: Yeah, because I’m preparing a lesson.

TJ: Hmm, a lot of preparation…

It didn’t get less heated from there – click PLAY to listen to the debate that set social media and the phones alight!