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Teacher convoy: How Rosebud Primary School staff are saying thanks to the community

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Teachers at Rosebud Primary School have come up with a lovely way to say thank you to their school community in these challenging times.

With most students learning from home, Assistant Principal Rhiannon Birkill thought up a novel idea to connect with students and parents.

The teachers loaded up the school bus with balloons and drove behind it in convoy of 12 cars and a Harley Davidson around Rosebud, beeping and calling out to students as they went.

Ms Birkill said the response has been “amazing”, and it’s not only the school community who have enjoyed the gesture.

“We had signs, we had parents and student with biscuits who were coming along to the window of each car and feeding us,” Ms Birkill told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“We even had some comments from some of the elderly residents of Rosebud thanking us for making their day, and just in tears.

“The main message we’ve been sending out to everyone is just how incredibly proud we are that everyone is doing the best that they can.”

But the convoy did run into some legal trouble.

They were pulled over by police and told they couldn’t have their speaker in the open boot of one of the cars.

“We moved that into the back of the car, but the police did let us go!” Ms Birkill said.

The convoy was out driving around the suburb for two hours yesterday, but has not yet covered all of Rosebud. Two more drives are scheduled for Wednesday and next Monday.

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