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Teachers Union pushing for a 21% pay rise over three years

The teachers’ union is pushing for a 21% pay rise over three years. 

They also want to spend less time in meetings.

The Australian Education Union’s Victorian President Meredith Peace told Neil Mitchell Victoria is lagging behind other states when it comes to teacher salaries.

‘Staff in our schools are the most important resource,’ Ms Peace said.

‘We’re saying to the government ‘we need you to value the work that they do’.’

Currently, first-year teachers earn $63,346.

But it’s not just pay that the teachers want improved.

Ms Peace said teachers want more time to work with each other to improve the quality of education for students.

‘We want to focus on teaching and learning, but we’re pulled in all sorts of other directions,’ she said.

‘It’s about being more flexible with time outside of the classroom, so it’s not locked up in meetings.’

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