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Property trashed and furniture thrown into street at party involving 100+ youths



The owner of a rental property in the western suburbs that was trashed at the weekend says police were unable to intervene until it was too late, while the booking company is now washing its hands of the situation.

A party of five at the Footscray property on Saturday night quickly turned into a riot involving more than 100 youths.

Owner of the short term rental Kelly told Neil Mitchell she stood outside with police and could only watch as her place was being trashed.

“The police say because these guests, these tenants invited people to the house and they had a right to be there, and they were not able to enter the building,” Kelly said.

“We all looked in while I could see my house, basically windows being smashed, massive holes in the walls, doors knocked through.

“Neighbours called me at 7am and said they’re there destroying all of your televisions, furniture, smashing it across the street.”

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Officers finally moved in about 7am yesterday morning but only one person, a 19-year-old Point Cook man, was arrested.

Kelly says she believes false names were used to make the booking and that the credit card used was immediately cancelled.

“It was a really nasty well thought out plan quite honestly,” Kelly said.

The booking company and insurers have also left her high and dry, with the insurer claiming she is not covered for malicious damage.

NM: “One of our informants said they were mostly young people of African appearance, is that correct?”

Kelly: “Yes that’s right.”

NM: “I’ve been told they’re hiring places like this because they feel they can’t go out to pubs and clubs.”

Victoria Police confirmed they responded to reports of an out-of-control party in Footscray in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Photo: Airbnb – Kelly’s short-stay house in Footscray