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Teens filmed trying to stop Bourke Street attacker with baseball bat on Flinders Street

Two teens attempted to stop the alleged offender behind Friday’s CBD rampage as he drove recklessly through Flinders Street. 

Isaac Tupou was with his cousin Tevita Mahina when the incident occurred.

Isaac tells Neil Mitchell he wasn’t scared, it all happened so quickly. 

‘We were hoping we could at least hit his windscreen so could at least stop.’

The duo had a bat with them as they were returning from playing games with their church youth group.

‘I just saw him and no one was taking action. We just had to do something, so I stepped in,’ he tells 3AW Mornings. 

‘He was screaming ‘F the world’ and calling us all sheep,’ says Isaac.

‘Afterwards, hearing what he did, it’s pretty frightening.’

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A woman whose car was nearly hit on Friday said the incident was ‘horrifying’.

Meesha Rhodes Ali captured extraordinary footage of the erratic driving with her mobile phone.

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Meesha told Neil Mitchell the driver narrowly missed her car before entering the intersection of Flinders and Swanston streets.

The footage shows the driver doing donuts in the intersection, leaning out of the driver-side window.

‘I was very much aware, maybe within the first minute, that this guy was really serious about causing injury,’ she said.

‘I thought, ‘this guy doesn’t care what he’s going to do’.’

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