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Temperature matters: lessons for red wine drinkers


We’re drinking red wine all wrong! 

The experts over at Taylors Wines say red wine shouldn’t always be served at room temperature, particularly on scorching summer days. 

Taylors Wines have now introduced special labelling with temperature sensors to help wine lovers get it just right.

‘What we’ve done is put on the back labels of our wines these temperature sensors that react to the outside temperature.’

‘It gives you the ability to see if the bottle in front of you is too warm or too cold.’

Mr Mitchell said tasting trials had found the optimum drinking temperature brought out the best flavours of the wine.

‘If you’re going to have a cabernet sauvignon or a shiraz, you should have that about 16-18 degrees so if you’re outside having a barbecue, what you can do is just quickly put it in the fridge for 15 minutes.’ 

Hear from the expert himself