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Ten top travel tips to save you time and money

New research has found that Australians pay an average of $15 per withdrawal at an overseas ATM, so travel expert Scott Ellis recommends always taking some cash to avoid the fees…

It got Scott thinking – what other tips can save you money, time or headaches when you’re travelling?

Today 3AW Afternoons listeners share their tips with Scott and Denis.

Here are the top tips from Afternoons listeners:

  1. Always take a photo of where you park your car at the airport.
  2. Use packing cells for your luggage.
  3. When driving overseas on the other side of the road, when you come to a corner say “left is loose, right is tight” to yourself. If you’re turning right keep it tight to the curb, if you’re turning left go out loose.
  4. Don’t roll your sleeping bag, stuff it in to the bag.
  5. Pack a change of clothes in your carry on bag in case your checked baggage goes missing.
  6. Bring a powerboard so you only need one foreign adapter.
  7. Don’t walk on the gutter side of the footpath if you’ve got a shoulder bag, walk on the other side to make it harder for motorcyclists to ride by and pinch the bag.
  8. Carry a photocopy of your passport with you and keep the original in the safe at the hotel to reduce the risk of theft.
  9. Keep your medication in your carry on luggage.
  10. Take a photo of your suitcase. It makes it easier for it to be located if it gets lost.

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