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Tennis Australia responds to claims by Kerryn Pratt that she was ‘victimised’

Tennis Australia has responded to sensational claims by a former board member that she was ‘victimised’.

Kerryn Pratt has been removed from the commentary team for the Australian Open, and has had membership of the Last8 Club revoked.

Ms Pratt has since gone public with claims she was mistreated as a result of being outspoken on certain issues.

The Last8 Club is open to anyone who has reached the Australian Open singles quarter-finals, doubles semi-finals, or mixed doubles final.

‘I’d hate to see the club used as a political weapon for administrators to be able to ban former players who speak up about issues,’ Ms Pratt said.

But Tennis Australia president Steve Healy hit back, saying commentary changes are common.

‘The decision is relation to the commentary team is made by management. The board are not involved in that at all,’ Mr Healy told Sports Today.

Mr Healy said Ms Pratt was invited back to the Last8 Club lounge until she served notice of legal proceedings to the tune of $150,000.

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