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Terrifying road rage attack leaves schoolteachers shaken

Two women have been left terrified following an alleged road rage incident with a truck driver in Tullamarine.

Leigh Mahady and her friend, both schoolteachers, were driving along Tullamarine Freeway at 1pm on Saturday afternoon when a truck began tailgating and tooting them.

The truck driver allegedly rammed the car multiple times.

When the women pulled over to exchange details the man attacked their car with a hammer.

“I followed him because I wanted to get his details, we stopped at Wild Wood Road and then he stopped and I got out and that’s when he tapped us with the hammer,” she told Tom Elliott.

“He ended up smashing one of the rear windows.”

I would not want him on the road with people who are less confident – Leigh

She suspects her friend, a passenger in the car, will need counselling after the shocking incident.

The man is perceived to be of Middle Eastern appearance, spoke with a slight accent, aged in his late 20s, curly short black hair, approximately 160cm tall and was wearing a top with ‘Eden’ written on it.

Investigators have released an image of the truck which could help in their investigation.

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