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‘Terrifying’ Uber ride as driver dozes off on the Eastern Freeway

A young woman has told 3AW Mornings about her frightening ride home in an Uber, where the driver dozed off on the Eastern Freeway and crossed multiple lanes of traffic.

Angelica said the trip was from the city to Wantirna South about 1am Sunday.

“It was terrifying to be honest,” Angelica told Neil Mitchell.

“The Monash was shut so he decided to go down St Kilda way then he decided to do some illegal U-turns and go all the way back into the city to get onto the Eastern Freeway.

“One of the scariest parts though was on the Eastern Freeway he was in the far right hand lane he dozed and went off across four lanes and went off an exit until he woke up.”

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“It’s only a half hour drive, it took over an hour,” she said.

Angelica said she did file a complaint and Uber refunded the trip.