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Terrorism expert says attacks in France deflect from ISIS losing ground in Iraq

A leading terrorism expert believes attacks like this morning’s deflect attention from ISIS’ decline in the Middle East.

Up to 80 people have died after a truck drove into crowds in the French city of Nice during Bastille Day celebrations.

But while analyst David Wright-Neville says it’s not certain ISIS is responsible for the attack, its leaders do want attention to be taken away from its heartland, where it is losing ground ‘at an accelerating rate’. 

‘As they’re being pushed into corners in the Middle East, they’re pushing back elsewhere,’ Dr Wright-Neville told Neil Mitchell on Friday.

‘These sorts of attacks are seen as successful, and it takes the pressure off the ISIS leadership who would otherwise be getting more criticism for the amount of territory they’re losing.’

Dr Wright-Neville said Australia’s community is more cohesive than it is in Europe, but we shouldn’t think we’re completely immune from a similar attack.

‘These attacks are fairly easy to organise. They can happen anywhere,’ he said.

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