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EXCLUSIVE | Dennis Lillee reveals the secret to his bowling success

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He’s an iconic figure in Australian cricket history, and now fast bowling great Dennis Lillee has revealed the secret to his success.

A fan favourite around the world, Lillee finished with a whopping 355 wickets from his 70 Test matches, making him one of the most lethal bowlers in his time.

Lillee battled a number of injuries throughout his playing career including stress fractures to his back.

But it was a change to his bowling technique that enabled him to keep roaring in.

“What I envisualised was the ball coming out of my arm in my mind, hitting the wicket, the batsman playing and missing and Rod Marsh taking it high above his head,” Lillee says.

“I didn’t think I was going to do that all the time.

“But that was my visualisation of what I wanted, the perfect ball for me.”

An all-time great of the game, Lillee is sharing his wisdom by mentoring a number of young bowlers.

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Lillee also admitted South African cricketer Barry Richards could have been the best batsmen he ever bowled to.

“The one… that I think could have been the best of the lot was Barry Richards, but no one will ever know,” Lillee said.

“Ian (Chappell) played a lot more against him and saw more of him and I know he rated him.

“But for guys that played day in, day out, lots of Tests against, Viv (Richards) was just the bloke who could rip you apart and often did.”