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#ThanksAmbos: Gisborne mum thanks paramedics after toddler stops breathing

When 2-year-old Noah’s eyes started rolling back in his head and he stopped breathing after an afternoon nap, panic started to set in for his mum Rebecca Palonek.

The Gisborne toddler had been cuddling up to his mum when he suddenly stopped breathing and started having a seizure. 

Paramedics were called as Noah started turning blue. 

But today, Rebecca got the chance to say thanks to the two first responders on Thank A Paramedic Day.

‘We can’t thank them enough,’ she told Neil Mitchell. 

Murray Kennedy was one of first two paramedics on the scene, who said they had their work cut out for them when they arrived to treat the youngster in February this year.

He was winding down getting ready for four weeks annual leave when the call came through to treat Noah. 

‘We had a fair bit of work to do,’ he said.

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